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Production at James White Engineering

We understand our responsibility to the environment and the impact our activities has on it. We are proud to be registered to ISO 14001.

We continue to invest in new plant and equipment that is not only more environmentally friendly, but also improves our efficiency and output capabilities.

Zodiac Aerospace

Emirates Zodiac Seat

We are pleased to be considered a strategic partner with Zodiac Aerospace.

Production includes

Punched Sheet Metal

CNC Punching
Controlled by CAD/CAM stations, our punching machines offer a fast turnround and have a tremendous flexibility to accommodate various materials, shapes and volumes. Highly accurate and consistent, this is further enhanced by the Planar flat sheet digital inspection system which compares the punched product with the original drawing to ensure complete accuracy.

Red Arrows

We are able to produce various types of pipework including hydraulic, air and fluid.

We offer all types of welding from Mig, Tig, plasma, spotwelding, brazing and aluminium brazing. JWE is CAA approved.

Laser Cutting
We use the latest state of the art Amada laser machine which gives complete flexibility whilst achieving very accurate profiling at high processing speeds.

Amada Brake Press

Pressing / Forming
Our Amada brake-presses are NC controlled and provide the capability for fast prototyping control. Our flexibility includes order volumes, handmade tooling and special requirements such as rubber pressing, power pressing and deep draw pressing.

Plating / Powder Coating / Wet Painting
We use local facilities to cater for corrosion protection, decorative finishes, unlimited colour choice and fast turn-around.

Out of this world

Our components can even be seen orbiting the earth.